Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tool #3

This is a video I found on I used it to introduce the Quadratic Formula in my classroom last year. Most of the kids thought it was funny and the song ended up stuck in their heads. It helped some students memorize the formula and helped others remember the name of the formula and how to use it. It is somewhat goofy...enjoy

I found another video on that I could use to introduce the math at the beginning of the year. I get questions all the time in my Math Models class: "When will I use this?" and "Why is this important?" This video shows different places where math is used, and it's in a fun and entertaining way.

I had never really read and educated myself about Copyright laws and the Fair Use laws for my classroom use of media. I learned that many times teachers can get into trouble because they don't know how to site their usage of media in their classrooms. Under Fair Use laws, teachers can use small portions of a work and site where they found it. If they are using the majority of a work, they need permission to use it. If the work you are using is a well known fact, then you do not need permission to use it. If you are not making money off of someone else's work, you are probably okay. Teachers also have the ability to print copies for classroom use as long as they are destroyed when you are finished using them. As a student in band we were faced with this every year. We had many copies of different musical pieces and were required to turn in our copied music at the end of the year, so students could not violate Copyright laws.

Dropbox is a tool that could be used with my students when working on our budget projects. Many of my students forgot to print their projects, and if they saved them in Dropbox, I could have viewed them from my computer with little hassle. It is also a way for team members to share documents quickly and efficiently.

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  1. Isn't that cute... a little video in math class! :)