Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tool #11

There were so many things I learned about while completing this course; it's difficult to pick a few! I really liked learning about the different things Google docs has to offer. Today's Meet would be something cool to use because it allows all the students to post at once and respond to each other. Poll Everywhere could also be an inventive way to do test/quiz review or review for TAKS and EOC. I also really LOVE the iPad apps for extra math practice and games.

One of the activities that I have envisioned for my classroom involves the iPad and the ability to video or record your voice. I want the students to be able to explain their work and share it with others. If they are able to teach the concept to others, I know they have learned it and will retain the information longer.

My thinking about the 21st Century Learner has completely changed. I knew that we needed to use technology in the classroom and allow the students to use it too, but implementing that can be difficult when you are not equipped yourself. Learning to be a good digital citizen myself will help me to know how to teach it to high school students. My vision for my classroom has changed to something that scares me a little. Trying new things is always scary. Knowing that it won't be perfect at first, but has the potential to grow into something empowering for our students pushes me to do what's best for them. I am already planning new setups for my classroom to make the implementation of technology easier.

I didn't really expect to learn a lot of new things through this course because I consider myself computer savvy, but it was humbling to learn about the educational apps on the iPad and uses for the netbooks. It is always a good reminder that you have things to learn in all aspects of life. I am so excited to see how this experience shapes the coming year and how the students will continue to grow in their digital understanding.

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  1. Yay! You finished the blog. Have you taken the assessment on Atomic learning yet?