Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tool #8

I didn't know anything about the netbooks, so the video really helped me understand that piece of technology. Now I know that they are smaller than a normal laptop, but still have all the connections that a laptop has. It is really good to know that I will have a cabinet to lock the devices in and charge/connect to the network at the same time. Having the iPad this summer has helped me understand it better. I know how to sync the device with my laptop, arrange apps, and download apps to my laptop or the iPad.

After watching the videos and reading about managing the devices in the classroom, I realize the importance of specific clear instructions when using the devices (or any devices).

I liked the ideas of having the students close the screens during instruction time. This also helps save the battery power so the devices last throughout the whole time the classes are using them. I will have one person from each group in charge of storing the devices at the end of each period. The devices will also be labeled.

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